Prophetic Artist
My name is Brenda Kay Deyo. I am the owner of Brenda’s Creations Art Studio &Gallery and founder of Artist Night Out. Along with being a professional artist, I also teach beginner art lessons, host events and sell my original work. I have over 20 years as an artist, 8 years in business and 18 years in ministry.

When I was just 5 years old, my grandmother who is also a professional artist put a paintbrush in my hand and allowed me to paint a tiny pink flower on a painting she was working on. I still have that very same painting hanging in my house today. Ever since then, I fell in love with art!

I am a strong Christian woman and my faith influences my art in a very powerful way. I am very inspired by the word of God and lead by the Holy Spirit when I paint. My art is prophetic in nature with the interpretation of my dreams and visions. As an artist, my prayer is that my art, ministers the word of God in a visual and healing way.

Artist Night Out was born as an outreach ministry for artists but has become so much more. Through live entertainment, fine original art and fellowship, the gospel can reach the public. For artists starting out, we are a team of artists with the same heart, to reach the lost through our gifts.

Artist, we are here to help you take your hobby to the next level of business. Through mentorship, marketing and sales we can help artist become the entrepreneurs they have always dreamed of becoming.

Multi-Media Artist, Musician, Filmmaker

Filmmaker, Web and Graphic Designer, ANO MC
Troy is a veteran of The Gulf War. At the turn of 2000 and a Youth Pastor Ordination, he founded a charity that supported humanitarian aid and his missionary endeavors in 18 countries. Since returning to the States in 2007 he has worked behind the scenes creatively providing graphic design, marketing and branding consultation, film and printing services for several ministries and missionaries. From 2007-2011 planning, growing and then, in 2011, going full time to accomplish dream called Elyon Media, a Christian media and arts studio and academy, founded in 2012. Elyon Media is a three-fold ministry education, equipping and employing artists that want to use their media talents for the Kingdom.

Elyon Media is a  full service, creative production studio.
Serving clients nationally and internationally, both corporate and non-profit.
Inspired by a diverse range of services: Film, Music Print and Design.
We specialize in communicating your brand successfully. 

Bonnie Jaimes